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Behind The Mask – 2022

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When retired FBI agent Jason Tanner returns to the marina where he lives aboard his boat, he finds destruction and mayhem caused by an irresponsible young captain. He must now find a temporary place to live and an actual job to pay for the uncovered repairs.

Invited to a fundraiser by a former colleague, she introduces him to David Norris, her brother-in-law and an aspiring politician whose career will soon take a turn for the worse. A few days later, the police arrest popular county commissioner Norris for murdering a young financial analyst.

“Jason, you’ve got to help us!”

The defense lawyer sways Tanner to oversee the investigation. Soon after, they learn the victim’s planned divorce didn’t go well, so their attention turns toward a husband once arrested for domestic violence.

But recovered emails reveal the victim secretly contacted the county inspector general to report fraud when an obscure corporation got preferential treatment. Did she find something she shouldn’t have? Is this the reason she had to be eliminated? Or is the ex-husband still the leading suspect?

It’s left to Jason Tanner to discover the truth at the risk of his life.

The Missing Taylor – 2019

“The story is quite engaging; couldn’t drop it once I started! ”

The editor.


Can a South Florida Private investigator, an illegal drug user himself, bring down a drug-trafficking ring? After a career in law enforcement, Jason Tanner retires to South Florida after losing his wife to cancer. He moves aboard his new yacht and plans to conduct private investigations to keep active.

A missing person case lands at his steps that will take him to Miami Beach amongst the surfers and discover a drug manufacturing ring covering the state with opioids. The leader is an old nemesis from his FBI days, and he intends to catch him once and for all. The Florida Keys harbours a gang of traffickers involved in the manufacturing of Fentanyl, a deadly drug.

Even a rogue detective tries to interfere in the investigation. Tanner is the target of a few goons who will try to eliminate him wherever he travels.

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